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Have you ever wished you could just wash your vehicle without the mess of water?  Same here!  Fortunately for us, AMSOIL has a waterless wash and wax spray called Miracle Wash.  This stuff is an AMAZING product!  I've never used anything like it before, and like most of us, would either take my vehicles through a car wash or spend countless hours washing the truck with soap and water, followed up with a wax.

AMSOIL Miracle Wash changes all of that!  The truck hadn't been washed in about 3 or 4 months, so it had plenty of time to get a bit dirty.  I'll admit, I wasn't too certain how this was going to perform, but like everything else AMSOIL creates, I didn't hesitate to try it because all of their products are superior and produce excellent results.  Check out the photos...

I'm not much of a photographer so I had hard time taking before pictures that showed how dirty the truck really was.  Just imagine driving many hours down dirt roads, many months of commuting, mixed with rain and the dust Las Vegas produces when it is really windy...that's how dirty the truck was.

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